MUSIC ALERT VOL. 2: 2018 Still Off To A Hot Start! New Music From Russ, Eminem, The Black Eyed Peas, Sir Michael Rocks, OneTakeDrew, Young MA, Jay Rock x Kendrick x Future and More Drop Some Serious HEAT!


Geez I suck at deadlines….There was so much music that released this week I could not get to all of it but, best believe anything I may have missed this week will be featured next week. As I mentioned previously, I want to get these Music Alerts out every Sunday or Monday. Since I suck at deadlines and I have been super busy as of late, just expect a post weekly till I get it together.  Here is Music Alert Vol. 2! It covers most of the new chunes released between 1-8-18 to 1-15-18. ESKETIT! 




Eminem – Chloraseptic (Ft. 2 Chainz & Phresher)


To end 2017, Eminem decided to bless us with a new album ‘Revival.’ It was….  alright.  Not really what I wanted to hear but oh well. But there was a track that stood out somewhat. Yes it was “Chloraseptic.” Eminem took a whole different approach on there and I can’t front, I enjoyed it!  So now we have a remix featuring 2 Chainz and he most certainly elevates this track!! 2 Chainz spazzed off the break and delivers us with HARD bars. I guess the fact he was collaborating with Em he knew he had to bring it. This song also features Phresher and yeah he did what he was supposed to do? Didn’t really care for him much. So following up Em wasted no time and out the gate and followed 2 Chainz and absolutely delivers a powerful verse. Em took aim at all his critics as he should! (Sorry Joe Budden, I think Em actually came for you.)  This remix was hard! I could live without this Precious… I mean Phresher cat, but overall dope track! 

Rating: 4.75/5 

The Black Eyed Peas – Street Livin’ 


Wow.  The Black Eyed Peas return with a powerful new track and a powerful visual. The  Black Eyed Peas have always been big on human rights and equality. It’s heard in their music. This time it felt a little different.  On ‘Street Livin’ they take on Black Lives Matter and how it MATTERS . They address how the system was created to bring people in the hood down. They literally said “Fuck The System.” I feel them though. Fans of the group that love hearing their more popish hits will be the ones that will be caught off guard the most. But hey, this song is real, has a purpose, and addresses a SERIOUS issue. 

Rating: 5/5

Kodak Black – Free Cool Pt. 2


Okay….. THIS BEAT IS HARD. Kodak is slurring his words in a melodic way that kinda sounds cool but this sh*t is TRASH. 

Rating: 2/5

Soulja Boy – Turn On The Stove


“SOLDIER! SOLDIER!” LOL I can not believe Soulja Boy is back. So lets jump right to it.  On ‘Turn On The Stove’ Soulja Boy displays improvement with his flow and lyricism. This beat suites his desire flow too!! With this new and improved Soulja, he sounds just like all these other artists on trap beats but its kind of nice to see him adapt and grow? LOL Wow never thought I’d get a chance to review a Soulja track again. I like this track though. Might have to keep an eye out on Big Homie Soulja W/ The Draco….. lol 

Rating: 4/5

Craig David – Live In The Moment (Ft. GoldLink)


MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. BANGER ALERT!!!!! ALERTY LERTY LERT! Craig David and GoldLink come together to deliver us a hell of a feel good track that i think will absolutely BLOW UP. The beat for this was produced by the one and only Kaytranada. (Huge Fan BTW) GoldLink was the perfect feature for this track as he delivers a smooth electric flow to this  track that complements Craig and this amazing beat. This is my early favorite for song of the year. This sh*t is a HIT!

Rating: 5/5

NBA Youngboy – Love is Poison


I don’t really listen to YoungBoy Never Broke Again but I do take notice to what he does and I believe he is about blow 2018. On “Love is Poison” YoungBoy delivers an emotional track about people (or a woman)  who show fake love  and do not want whats best for him. This is a dope track and YoungBoy is off to a fantastic start in 2018. I can not believe dude is a teenager still. I need to start checking for homie more often and adding his music to my daily rotation. 

Rating 4.75/5 

Carnage – Learn How to Watch (Ft. Mac Miller & MADEINTYO)


SUCH A DAMN TEASE. Why is this track so short….?  😦  

Carnage, MADEINTYO, and my guy Mac Miller come together to bring us a very dope track that has you wanting more from each artist. So Carnage delivers a eccentric and heavy instrumental that compliments a catchy MADEINTYO hook and a sick Mac Miller verse that makes crave for for more. This track is FIRE. I wonder if these 3 have more colabs together in the near future but this shall do for now…. If you play it 5 times in a row like i did. MAC MILLER GIVE ME NEW MUSIC!!! 

Rating: 5/5

OneTakeDrew – Quiet Storm



OneTakeDrew starts off 2018 on a HIGH NOTE. The Virginia MC takes on the classic Mobb Deep “Quiet Storm” beat like plenty of the Elite Mcs in today’s game have, most notably as of late Young MA, who murked this beat. OneTakeDrew has officially put this instrumental to rest….I do not want to hear anyone on this ever again. I stamp! The man delivered. OneTake gets off some real braggadocios bars  and lets us know that he is not  on his way. He has ARRIVED. If you are not familiar with OneTakeDrew, It’s in your best interest you do so NOW. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for him! 


S/o ycimaging for the dope visual and the whole OneTakeMob! 

Rating: 5/5

21 Savage – Pause


It is safe to say that 21 Savage will not be going anywhere soon. He continues to get better at his craft per every release. On “Pause” 21 continues to talk that reckless sh*t we know him for doing. This song isn’t a banger but its not bad and I expect whatever comes after this release to be a step forward for “Mr. Savage.” *Joe Budden Voice* 


Wale – The Weekend (Remix)


Olubowale Victor Akintimehin…. Why do y’all always disrespect my guy? …. smh.  Anyways, Wale gets on the ‘Weekend’ remix and presents the world the Male perspective. He starts off with a dope little poem/spoken word as he does usually on tracks like this and he follows up with a verse where he keeps it absolutely a buck. This remix is money! Also, I saw Wale has been working with Cole on some new music…… THEY MAKE A GREAT TEAM so something must be on it’s way. 

Rating: 5/5

Russ – Flip


There is no need to ramble here… Russ right now is proving to be one of the toughest spitters of the new school artist and is pushing to be recognized as more than just that “New Kid On The Block.” I love the production on here and the content. I FEEL YOU on this Russ! 

Rating: 5/5

Jay Rock – King’s Dead (Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Future)


LMAO. Why the f*ck does Future sound like Mister Crabs at one point?! Other than that, this collab is GOLD. Jay Rock , Kung Fu Kenny and Future come together to bring us “King’s Dead.”  Jay Rock does his thing on here and reminds us that though Kendrick is the lead man at TDE, he is someone that should not be slept on. His flow and delivery was superb. This beat was very heavy hitting and full of energy so it makes sense for Future to be on here and I thought he did fit the track nicely outside of his awkward flow switch up and rapping “slob on my knob.” lol  Kendrick is on the hook but I can not believe they let him get the last verse….. The beat switches up a bit and  Kendrick put the beat to rest as he delivers a very angry and powerful verse that creates the perfect ending. 

Rating: 5/5

Young M.A. – I Get The Bag


Young MA returns with a freestyle to Gucci Mane’s ‘I Get The Bag’ and man I don’t even think I want to hear the original ever again…. I had a feeling MA was going to justice on this beat. The  beat was tailor-made for a spitter like MA and she definitely did not disappoint. She raps about her old self and her new self in a really unique way. I love MA’s flow and delivery. I’m pretty sure my guy Joe Budden said she was on the clock. 2018 MA must deliver us a project. 

Rating: 5/5

Sir Michael Rocks – Bull Market


Enter a caption

So before we get into this new Sir Michael track, let me go ahead and rap for a bit!! So y’all know I actually enjoy music. Like REALLY enjoy it. That is exactly the reason why I decided to make a blog the focuses mainly on music. Keeping up with the music and blogging about it is hard. On top of that sometimes I don’t reach the amount of people I expect to reach with some post and that alone blows me. Then I realize I am really doing this for me and If I am consistent and post good sh*t it will always catch peoples attention. So when an artist i really am a fan of favorites my tweet with one of my post you know that makes me feel some type of way…. So shout out Sir Michael Rocks man! Always been a huge fan man. Alright back to the music!!!!

Another week, another Sir Michael track! Sir Michael Rocks kicked off 2018 with the single “Bag Emoji,” and  he unveils another solo cut this week. On ‘Bull Market’  Sir Michael flexes as he raps about the finer things in life. On the production Sir Michael recruits Losers. Only to create a very smooth sound for Sir Michael to go off on. Two tracks in two weeks? Michael Rocks is up to something!!!

Rating: 5/5







NEW MUSIC ALERT Vol.1 : Kendrick x SZA, Sir Michael Rocks, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Uzi Vert, Justin Timberlake, and Many More Artist Drop Heat to Kick Start the New Year

What’s Happening’ Y’all! I hope you all had excellent weekends and refrained from freezing to death. So this year I decided I will be doing weekly new music post. So every Sunday expect a post from me with all the new chunes from our favorite artist, new artist and our local artist. I’ll post a stream link of the new music from the artist’s Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube so you won’t miss out! Each new track will receive a rating out of 5 from me. In the comments or via twitter get at me and let me know if a song was hot or not or If there was music I missed! Enjoy Volume 1 of ‘New Music Alert’.


Lil Uzi Vert – Mood

It looks as if Lil Uzi Vert will most certainly not take his foot off the gas pedal. After a terrific 2017, Uzi seems to be motivated as he drops another potential banger ‘Mood.’ ‘Mood’ isn’t another mega-hit  like “XO Tour Life” was but, its still pretty good! Southside and TM88 are on the production so you know that this is a recipe for success.  Uzi’s rock-star mentality is admirable! I think Uzi becomes even bigger this year. 

Rating: 5/5

24hrs – Regina George (Ft. blackbear)

blackbear and 24hrs are good together. If you had a chance to checkout blackbear’s ‘Digital Druglord’ project you would know this already… On there, they collabed on ‘2 moodz’ and that was a huge success in my opinion. So before I even hit play i knew this was a hit. ‘Regina George’ shows off  an amazing production job and two young singing/rapping artist that they sound way too good together. I wouldn’t mind a 10 track collab from these two. 

Rating: 5/5 

Sir Michael Rocks – Bag Emoji


Mikey Rocks!! One half of the Cool Kids, gives us a pretty laid-back but kind of energetic 2 minute track while he delivers some cryptocurrency advice at the same time! I’m not to sure if he has any projects on the way but this shall do for now!

Rating: 4.2/5

Tekashi69 – Keke (Ft. A Boogie Wit The Hoodie & Fetty Wap)



Man this guy skittles…. I mean Tekashi69 is an interesting dude. On this interesting collab of he, A Boogie and Fetty Wap, 6ix9ine some what goes in on his verse. He’s screaming a bunch of sh*t but It sounded okay. Actually it was kind of hard. I’m confused. I think he’s growing on me.  Anyways, A Boogie and Fetty Wap (May be the same person low key) both come on a lot calmer than 6ix9ine and deliver i guess. Not the BIGGEST FAN of A Boogie but i guess he is tolerable on here. Tekashi69 is definitely generating some serious buzz! Lets see what 2018 has in store for him. 

Rating: 3.8/5

Brian (aka Rich Chigga) – See Me


I guess Rich Chigga is going by Brian now? But on here “Brian” channels his inner Kid Cudi!! This song is low key fire. It is obvious someone has been working on their craft. After hearing this I’m pretty curious as to what Brian has in store for us this year! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Kodak Black – Here It is



This track is supposed to send out these sentimental vibes. Well the beat does that but Kodak….. he is talking about some real shit but you can barely tell. But yeah I don’t like this sh*t next. 

Rating: 2/5

K. Camp – Cranberry Juice


K.Camp returns with his usual dark sounded records that are perfect for any club or house party. I actually really enjoyed this here as we get some great production here blended with K. Camp delivering some dope bars. I wonder what y’all think of this track though because I think it could be a banger for him. I recommend this for all pregame playlist night lifers! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Raekwon Delivers TWICE!

Raekwon – The Biz 


Raekwon- The Sky 


The Chef will still be rapping in 2025. After all these years, he has not lost a dam step. He is a real MC. On both these new tracks, especially ‘The Sky’ he drops bar after bar after bar to let us know he’s still here! It’s always nice to hear the OGs of hip hop return to the scene with heat. Both tracks didn’t blow me away but they were solid. 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Ronny J – TRIXXX (Ft. Lil Pump)

I like this song and I don’t know why. It’s as ignorant as you can get with Ronny J and the Mumble Rap Champ, Lil Pump. Song starts off with some trash singing and Ronny’s weak ass verse but Lil Pump is the real MVP here. His verse is why i like this song. No its not lyrical but it does the job. He has this swagger about him. He might be growing on me…. NOT. But this song is okay! 

Rating: 3.75/5

Bruno Mars- Finesse (Remix) (Ft. Cardi B)

This song honestly deserves its own post but its 3 am so I will keep it short. Bruno Mars teams up with Cardi B to give us a full on 90’s flashback with ‘Finesse’ remix. On top of that, they delivered us a visual that just literally takes us back to the 90’s completely!!!! I was a bit surprised at the pairing of these two but in turned out to be a FANTASTIC idea. Why does Bruno have so much JUICE?! That shoulder sway in the beginning had me lit! LOL  

Rating: 5/5

Justin Timberlake – Filthy

He’s back……. 

You’ve got to love JT man. He tends to take breaks from music often but when he returns, he always brings a new sound and this refreshing energy that the industry needed. On this extremely futuristic track ‘Filthy’ , Justin reminds us why he is one of the GOATs when talking pop music. Also, this video is awesome! Welcome back JT! 


Rating: 5/5

Cozz – Questions

Dreamville’s artist are very underrated. Cole knows how to pick them. Cozz spits some hard emotional bars on ‘Questions.’ Just of this track alone I am looking forward to see what Cozz does next and to see if he has anything with J. Cole in the works. Where does Dreamville rank as label talent wise? Think before you speak too. 


Rating: 5/5

Kendrick Lamar – All The Stars (Ft. SZA)


T.D.E should win label of the year if such award was given out. I think its safe to say Kendrick and SZA problem had the biggest year in not just their respective genres but Music in general! These two label mates come together to bring us ‘All the Stars,’ a track from the upcoming movie, Black Panther. ( A must see movie in my opinion) Oh by the way,  TDE will be behind this movie’s soundtrack. Yeah they did THAT! As expected SZA blesses the track with her soul and Kung Fu Kenny delivers a dope verse about being able to succeed as an underdog. Excellent collab. 

Rating: 5/5


Thanks for reading guys!!! I’ll usually post these Music Alerts every Sunday night. So yes I am a day late. But I’m trying to be better with this posting on time!! 2018 is off to a very busy start for your boy. But anyways, let me know what you thought of this post. Always open to suggestions and  criticisms. Share the post with your friends and family! Until next time! 


SONG OF THE DAY 1/4/2018: Lil Wayne Ft. Drake ‘Family Feud’


Okay so today’s song of the day comes from two of my favorite artist ever. So when this track dropped I did not comment much because I was truly blown away.  I was  extremely happy to hear a Wayne x Drake track because it has been awhile it feels like! Wayne teased us with a sound bit on Drake’s ‘More Life’ but that was it.

Drake WENT OFF. We heard that vintage Drake as he rapped about about real sh*t and got a lot off his chest doing so. He kind of called a truce with Meek Mill, discussed his willingness to pay Weezy and stated how important it is he gets taken care of and also dropped a funny bar about a Kaepernick and Diddy convo. Weezy complemented Drake perfectly as he tends to do every time they get together. Wayne showed off his dope wordplay and rhyming the same syllables multiple times. Wayne is far from finished y’all. He may not be in his Prime but he is still nice. I loved D6 and apparently a ‘Dedication 6’ is on the way and I am very excited especially if Wayne will be rapping like this. I hope for more Wayne and Drake in the future. Free C5 please! Especially if C5 will be near the quality of this track and or near the quality of the best tracks off of D6!




SONG OF THE DAY 1/2/2018: Wiz Khalifa ‘The Race’


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!  I hope 2018 is full of endless blessings for you and your loved ones. Even though today is the 2nd day of a 2018, the song of the day is from March of 2011! This morning on my first commute of the new year into work, I was able to reflect on my 2017 and just an overall reflection of what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish in the new year. So, as I’m reflecting going through my Apple Music library I stumble across one of my favorite songs by Wiz Khalifa, ‘The Race’ off of his “Rolling Papers” album. This song was the anthem for my old roommate from my RMC days, Justin Becker and I. We LOVED this song. The whole Starr Hall gang loved this song! How could you not? Wiz rapped about his road to success and the impact it’s made on his life. We all love to hear our favorite artist talk about the road to success. This is a real positive track that belongs on all our Motivational playlist.  So, as we kick off the new year we should all, strive to be as successful as possible and not settle. Stay Hungry.

Bless up.


Jack Huncho and the Inescapable Migos/Boomin’ Black Hole


By: Doug Schultz

Merry Christmas hip-hop heads! If you’re like me, you’ve listened to A Dipset Christmas 471 times since Black Friday (as is tradition), and thus were extremely excited to mix things up with Jack Huncho, Huncho Jack, a surprise album from perhaps the two biggest artists of 2017.

And, if you’re like me, you finished JHHJ, added “Modern Slavery” and “Eye 2 Eye” to whatever your existing playlist was, went about your day, and never felt compelled to listen to it again.

And that’s fine. This is, after all, basically just two friends making music together and sharing it with the world for free, so it’s not like there’s any room for complaining. And to judge this as an true album or as a lynchpin in either of these guys’ discography isn’t really fair without any knowledge of the future. However, given the collective stature of Quavo/Travis in hip-hop right now, it’s also fair to be a little disappointed that this is what they were able to come up with, and perhaps be a bit concerned about the trajectory of their music going forward.

Let’s start with Quavo – I’m actually not worried about him, which is less of an endorsement of him than it is apathy. Here’s my guess on how his 2018 will go:

  • He’s going to do another hundred features next year, and a lot of them will be fun, and most of them will be forgettable, and we’ll all still like him.
  • There will be more new Migos music and there will be a month where they’re all we listen to, even though they’re just using the same lyrics from Culture and we just don’t care.
  • Migos will replace Takeoff with some dude named Earl and none of us will notice.

I’m more troubled about Travis – largely because my opinion of him is so high and it’s too early in his career to sound as generic as he does on JHHJ. To do some level setting here, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is the only album that’s actually saved on my iPhone. I once described Rodeo to a friend as a “Nouveau-Houston-Trap” version of Phantom of the Opera. So yeah, I’m all in on Travis. He’s perhaps the most unique sonic influence on hip-hop’s current landscape; every single time someone features Travis $cott on their song, it feels like a distinctly Travis $cott song, even when it’s not. At least , this was the case UNTIL Jack Huncho, and that’s the cause for concern, because I’m worried it’s a symptom of a larger problem with the wave of hip-hop that has dominated 2017.

There’s not really any disputing that Migos, and probably more largely, Metro Boomin’, have been the driving influence over most of the notable rap releases this year. Even if they haven’t been directly involved, their fingerprints have been all over just about everything of consequence that has released. And all of it has largely been approved and embraced by the general public, which in itself is not an issue. But as a result, we’ve seen artists who don’t really fit that sound gravitate towards it, from extremes like Katy Perry/Calvin Harris/Justin Bieber/Fallout Boy to most recently Big Sean (and it’s no coincidence that Double or Nothing also fell flat a few weeks ago).

I don’t blame anyone for trying to team up with Migos or Boomin’ or for trying to replicate their sound; why wouldn’t you if it’s popular and you want to be successful? Quick anecdote to illustrate this: I was at the Falcons/Seahawks playoff game last year and on the jumbotron they showed a child holding a cardboard cutout of Future’s face – and the crowd went BANANAS. For a cardboard cutout. I’m convinced that if Future ran for Mayor of Atlanta tomorrow he would win easily. So I get why someone would want to get in on that action.

The problem with this though is the more pervasive this current rap wave gets, the more watered down it gets and the more standard it sounds. I’m not going to go so far as to say “all rap sounds the same nowadays” like your uncle who only listens to Grandmaster Flash, but I will ask you this question:

If you were to take all of the instrumentals from Issa, Without Warning, Culture, Double or Nothing, Huncho Jack, Perfect Timing, Droptopwop, Ransom 2, and FUTURE (NOT HNDRXX) and put them into a shuffled playlist, would you be able to tell which songs are from which album?

This is what concerns me – the Atlanta Trap sound has been so successful and tempting for artists that they can’t help themselves from getting involved with it, and as a result they’re getting sucked into a black hole of sameness. This, in my opinion, is what happened to Travis $cott on Huncho and is why the album felt so “meh.” And this, by my memory, is the first time I’ve felt this way about something he’s been involved with.

The scary thing about Travis sounding generic is that his influence over the sound of a song is probably his greatest attribute; it’s not like he’s going on HOT97 to rip a 10-minute freestyle or going to lyrically explore the intricacies of the United States’ current social makeup. So if he’s not the central creative force of the composition of a song, he’s basically another dude on autotune talking about drugs and boobies.

Projecting long term, I would say that the worst-case scenario would be something similar to the career arc of Wale. 2007-2011 Wale was absurd. He was prolific, brought the DC/Go-Go sound to the national mainstream (which was completely different from everyone else at the time), and was at the top level of his peers from a lyrical originality perspective. Then, once he signed with Maybach Music, things took a major turn. Think about the thematic bedrock of that group: Rick Ross (drugs), Meek Mill (drugs), Pill (drugs), and Wale (?).

Signing with Maybach made sense for his career advancement (more money/fame/resources/etc.), but was a major step back for him creatively, similar to the way artists are sprinting to Atlanta now. Since he didn’t fit with the rest of the label, he largely got shoehorned into love-songs or forgettable verses on group cuts. Eventually I think Wale figured some of this out and it seems he’s tried to adjust course, but I don’t think there’s any arguing that he’s not the force that many of us thought he would be. There’s no one in a barbershop putting Wale in their top-15-GOAT list, which seven short years ago wasn’t an unreasonable possibility.

Hopefully this won’t be the case with Travis – that he becomes so enamored with the Atlanta-Trap sound, he loses sight of what makes him so unique and spectacular as an artist. And before I get skewered for sounding the alarm bells over nothing, I want to clarify that I’m not predicting this; only that it’s a possibility that concerns me. It’s equally likely that this was just a project that Travis did with his friend and he’ll go back to his normal excellence moving forward.

My preference is that Travis $cott is the black hole, rather than the one getting swallowed up by it, because hip-hop will be better for it.

Album Rating: 4/10



CANELO VS. GGG : A Throwback Fight For The Future Of Boxing


The farce is over.

6.5 million Viewers tuned in to watch what was billed as the “biggest fight of the year”. Wrong. That fight is still on the horizon. I may be a Mayweather stan, but there is no way you could sell me TBE vs amateur boxer as FOY. YOU CAN’T SELL ME ON THAT SHIT, PERIOD.

Okay, I bought it lol. I enjoyed it. The fight was cool.

However, it was not the biggest fight of the year. Shit, it won’t be the biggest fight of the last 30 days once September 16th hits. If you are not hip; we get to see pound for pound kings Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, square off in the ring for all the glory. Boxing fans had been clamoring for this matchup before the ink on the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight had even dried.

Yet once again Alvarez and Golovkin have found themselves upstaged by a Mayweather super fight. I’m here to bring fire to this contest again, so let’s take it back to the beginning.

Saul Alvarez caught the world’s attention on the undercard of Mayweather vs Mosley in 2010. He demolished Jose Cotto (Yes, lil brother of Superstar Miguel Cotto) in 9 rounds. In the early stages of Twitter and hashtags, the web was entranced with the baby-faced ginger. Our stereotypical mindsets were boggled at the fact this kid was Mexican, and not Irish. Even more astonishing: He could fight!

Gennady Golovkin, adorned by Mexican fight fans for his engaging fight style, was on the other side of the planet in Kazakhstan. GGG, as the fans call him, was an incredibly decorated Amateur boxer. The complete contrast to Canelo, who only fought a handful and turned professional in Mexico at 15 years old. GGG (said “Triple G”) went 345-5 as an amateur, collecting a host of medals, including a Silver Medal finish at the 2004 Olympics.

Canelo is a two-division World Champ*. He has held titles at both Junior Middleweight and Middleweight. However Alvarez is the catch weight king, and did not win his titles at either weight. Catch weights occur when fighters agree to a weight that is a bit over/under the designated weight class. They are frowned upon in boxing. Canelo has competed in the junior welterweight division of 154 pounds, but has fought more than half of them at a catch weight of 155. His Middleweight title came against Miguel Cotto, in a 155 pound catch weight.

Golovkin is a true middleweight, knowing no other weight class. His run has mirrored that of the great Marvin Hagler. Golovkin holds the WBA, WBC, IBF, and IBO titles. Knocking out almost all his opponents, the heavy handed Olympian has been on a collision course with Mexico’s golden child for years.

This will not be their first encounter. Back in 2011 as the Ginger was quickly growing in popularity, word got out that he met his match in a sparring session at Big Bear. His match was Gennady Golovkin. It is customary that cameras are not allowed into sparring, so all we have is the accounts from people in the gym that day. Stories vary with who won, but the common theme was that it was a war! Most accounts tell a tale of a very mature and experienced Golovkin controlling the session and a very green Canelo hanging tight. This fabled sparring match is a large reason why so many folks believe that Golovkin will be the victor come September 16th.

Sparring is just that though, sparring. It means nothing when those lights come on and those fans are screaming. The goal in sparring is to work on things that need improvement; take risks you wouldn’t in a fight. You are trying to help your sparring partner, it’s a mutually beneficial part of training. It has been 6 years since that sparring. The amount of progression in both fighters makes that day in 2011 void.

It’s now 2017. Both fighters are drastically better. Expect to see a high level of skill and boxing, to see some powerful thuds land, and a test of chins; as both of these fighters are capable of putting the other one down. Both have said they are gunning for the stoppage. And both have taken the necessary steps and prior fights, to win this battle.

Continuing our flashback glimpse into the past, Canelo was embarrassed by Mayweather in September of 2013. He was a 20 year old pup at the time. Alvarez was a heavy handed, come-forward fighter, with no defense. He was slow. He was easily fatigued. All of which are issues no more. While Canelo took his loss in stride, fans however, turned on him. He was ruled out as a joke and his resume was discredited. He was accused of “ducking” the top dogs. HIS ONLY LOSS WAS TO THE BEST FIGHTER OF OUR GENERATION. C’mon people. Canelo then vowed to fight EVERYBODY, he wanted smoke with EV-ER-REE BOD-DEE.

First up. Alfredo Angulo (March 2014). Angulo albeit coming off a loss to 154 king Erislandy Lara, was top 3 in the weight class and a devastating puncher who threw 100 punches per round.

“Angulo would hurt him”. Canelo was said to be ducking him for years. He must have been ducking an assault charge then, because Canelo whooped this man from ring post to ring post, then bus driver uppercutted him for the TKO. Angulo was left crying in the post-fight interview with a face that was unrecognizable.

Lara you can get it too (July 2014). Canelo wasted no time, and hopped back in the ring a few short months later against the Junior Middleweight #1 Erislandy Lara. After Canelo fought Mayweather, people said Canelo would never face a quick, slick, black fighter again. Everyone was trying to avoid the Cuban, Lara. Cubans are well-known for their elite boxing skills. Lara was a bigger and stronger Mayweather (10x more boring though).

“Lara is too slick for Canelo”. This fight sucked. As a boxing purist, I do appreciate skills and defense. What I don’t appreciate is a guy moving around the ring nonstop without offering any offense. Canelo chased Lara all night. Alvarez might have landed 10 punches to Lara’s head, so he had to settle for ripping the body. Lara threw nothing but jabs, and gave a whole new meaning to “sticking and moving”. In a close fight the judges gave the split decision nod to Canelo.

James Kirkland, the last man Canelo was said to be ducking (May 2015). Kirkland was coming off of a layoff. He was having some life issues that kept him out of the ring, but the guy was a wrecking ball when he was in it. He and his trainer were known for their stringent training. BEAST MODE. Dude trains like cross fit meets Paul Bunyan. Their game plan was to go in a drop bombs on Canelo and see if he could take them; a lot of folks did not think Canelo could.

“Kirkland is going to stop Canelo early”. Canelo made easy work of Kirkland. He literally knocked James onto WorldStarHipHop. The knockout was all over twitter. Canelo took those Kirkland bombs on the chin, and dispelled critics who said he could not take a punch. He did to Kirkland what Kirkland was supposed to do to him.

Miguel Cotto Superfight (November 2015). Cotto is a legend of the sport, we all know that. Canelo had improved so much, and looked so good post his Mayweather loss, that Cotto was the underdog.

“50-50 fight”. That was. Canelo clearly controlled the fight, but Cotto showed he still had what it takes. Cotto effectively moved and pawed his jab, giving some new angles and looks. However, it did not matter, because Canelo was making him miss with some head movement we had never seen before. Canelo was landing huge shots, and putting together beautiful combos. Alvarez took the W in 12.

Canelo then went on to knock fringe contender Amir Khan into shameful dick pics and a divorce from his wife, he gutted UK contender Liam Smith, and embarrassed his childhood rival and Mexico’s other golden boy, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

The pride of Mexico has developed into a smooth boxer with: good footwork, a solid body attack, steady combinations, slick defense, and KO power shots. The boy is ready.

Golovkin’s road has involved a lot less drama. He is undefeated and top 5 pound for pound after all. Golovkin has completely cleaned out his division. His naysayers will say that in doing so, he avoids the challenges that can be sought one division lower, or one division higher (he didn’t want that smoke with Andre Ward…).

Nobuhiro Ishida, the Japanese KO Artist? GGG destroyed him in 3 rounds.

Matthew Macklin, the skilled Irish? GGG destroyed him in 3 rounds.

Curtis Stevens, the hard hitter from NY who made a rap video with gangbangers about Golovkin’s funeral? GGG buried him in 8 rounds.

Daniel Geale, the crafty Aussie? GGG destroyed him in 3 rounds.

Marco Antonio Rubio, the fearless Mexican who will actually not be terrified of Golovkin? GGG made him quit in 2 rounds.

Martin Murray, the tough Britt? Well he was tough at least. GGG beat him for 11 rounds.

Willie Monroe Jr. He is slick and black, GGG can’t box with him right? GGG boxed his ass to the canvas in 2.

David Lemieux? Finally a real challenge! David has all the tools to beat GGG. Sike. GGG went to a new level and stopped him in 8.

Dominic Wade? DC what up! He putting on for my City! GGG crunched him 2 rounds (I’m from Northern Virginia anyway).

Can this guy be beat? He is unstoppable right? Well his last two fights got it interesting.

Kell Brook, the 147 elite. GGG and his trainer, Abel Sanchez, bad-mouthed Canelo (as did the entire boxing world) for fighting Amir Khan. Amir Khan was a strong 147 contender, Canelo was a champ at 154 and 160. Canelo’s KO was inevitable. Then we all got the shock of our lives when GGG announced he would do the same damn thing and fight Kell Brook. Kell was Khan’s rival. Khan and Brook should have been fighting, and Canelo and GGG should have been fighting.

Whatever. Kell is supremely skilled, and apparently has big balls, because he called out the kingpin 2 weight classes above him. GGG surprisingly accepted.

“GGG will walk through him in the first round”. In what was supposed to be a breeze and walk through, Kell Brook turned out to be GGG’s toughest fight ever. Brook was buzzed early and then rallied to dominate Golovkin over the next few rounds. However, Brook had a pre-existing eye injury and GGG made it even worst. He straight broke his eye socket, and it started to weigh on Kell. The fight ended with Kell’s corner throwing in the towel during the 5th round. Kell could not see and was starting to take unnecessary punishment. If that eye could have held up, we might have been in for a real show!

While Golovkin was breezing through the Middleweight division. There was a few credible guys who he had not fought. Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin were champs and skilled fighters with power, but neither seemed interested in fighting the man child Golovkin. They fought each other, and Quillin was shocked by a big punch in the first round from Jacobs. Jacobs felt he was finally ready for GGG.

“Jacobs just is not good enough to beat GGG, he’ll be stopped in the middle rounds”. This fight was slow early, Jacobs seemed timid in respect of Golovkins power. Then boom, GGG hit Jacobs with a clean shot and sent him to the canvas in round 4. We had seen this before, we knew what was coming. So we thought. Jacobs tasted that power and realized he could handle it. He got up and rallied off rounds. Each round extremely close though. Jacobs was landing the big shots and walking GGG down. GGG was resetting to the middle of the ring and landing clean jabs and combos himself. Big punches were exchanged. These guys had 35 consecutive knockouts coming in. However they both refused to get knocked out. Jacobs, the hometown native, had Madison Square Garden in a frenzy. He was giving GGG all he could handle. I thought he had pulled out a one point win, the judges had it one point the other way. Golovkin escaped.

The boogie man, finally did not look so scary. The defense we thought he had, didn’t look so good the last two fights. His trainer Abel Sanchez used to tell us, GGG would let people hit him to make fights interesting. We actually bought that shit lol. Jacobs and Brook had little trouble hitting GGG, and he sure as hell was not letting them. Neither Jacobs nor Brook said his power was otherworldly. One thing is for certain, those fights will only make GGG even better!

September 16th, 2017 we are in for a treat. PPV stinks, I know. Do yourselves a favor though and get together with some buddies, pitch in 5, and buy this fight. This is history. Canelo has proven to be a problem, but he has never faced anything like GGG. He has never even fought at Middleweight. How will his body be affected? Can he take Golovkin’s punches? Gennady is a destroyer, but he has looked very beatable his last two fights. He is also already 35 years old. Will age get him?

I leave you guys as experts now. Feel free to jump on the web and get into an argument or two now. Or holla at me on Twitter @OfficialJammy. Tune in September 16th on HBO PPV ($79.99HD) for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. Who you picking?



NEW MUSIC ALERT: N.O.R.E. – Uno Mas (Ft. Pharrell)


I have actually been waiting on this track for quite sometime. I;m a big fan of N.O.R.E’s Drink Champ Podcast, which i highly recommend you guys check out on YouTube, and on there he talked about having some fire coming out with his good luck charm Pharrell. But guys I had no idea a song like this was possible……..

N.O.RE and Pharrell give us another hit but the create a banger that has that youthful, spirited, international dance vibe to it. I honestly can not stop dancing to this track. Both artists sound amazing on here man. N.O.R.E is real gritty but sounds great on this colorful track. This showcases more of Pharrell’s talents in my opinion but who cares. This song is dope and both these artists are LEGENDS. Please have a listen to this track especially if you are sad Summer is ending. 

Rating: 5/5