Song Of The Day 5/19/17

Good Morning y’all! Happy Friday! Today’s song of the day is by one of my favorite music acts, Majid Jordan. Members of OVO Sound, Majid Jordan is a Canadian R&B duo, composed of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. Their self titled album “Majid Jordan,” was an excellent project that built them ALOT of buzz. It was one of the best projects of 2016. 

“Phases” is nothing short of spectacular in my mind. I love the sound of electonica and that 80’s house blend incorporated in their music. They are great producers also. I am pretty sure this track was released 3 weeks ago. Hopefully there’s more music on the way, such as a new project to spice up the summer. 

Listen to Phases by Majid Jordan #np on #SoundCloud


Song Of The Day 5/18/17

Good morning y’all! As I stated in yesterday, the Song Of The Day is something I want to daily to bring attention to new music, old music you shouldn’t forget and shine light on under the radar bangers!!

So today the song of the day is “All Around the World” by Mura Masa, featuring Desiigner. So here is a song that I absolutely love because I can actually understand Desiigner over a nice kind of eccentric trap beat. I see why Desiigner prides himself on his melodies. He actually has true talent there! Good work on Mura Masa’s part for production. Below is the audio for “All Around the World.”

Also,  let me know what you guys think about doing a song of a day? Or should I just bless y’all and post all new music that is released daily or weekly?

Song Of The Day 5/17/2017

So everyday i’ll be higlightening a song of the day. It’ll either be new music or a song picked at random every morning. I may even higlight some hidden gem tracks that people are not too familiar with! I just wanted to try something new. Let me know what you guys think.

Anyways, on Monday Travis Scott blessed us with 3 new tracks on his soundcloud! Seems like great timing following up his recent arrest. One of the 3 songs was this absolute banger “Green & Purple” featuring my guy Playboi Carti!These two sound good together. Also shout out to production…SHEESH. Enjoy. 

Listen to Green & Purple f/Playboi Carti

Mike WiLL Made It “Ransom 2” Album Review


So as Metro Boomin has become trap music’s workhorse, Mike WiLL Made-It, has expanded his repertoire with radical pivots, zany psychedelic trips and unfortunately “chick” pop. Mike WiLL has come a long way since I first heard him on Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back.” He finds himself producing on everything in today’s industry. From spacey trap ballads (Future’s “Turn On the Lights”), to the strip club anthems (“Bandz a Make Her Dance”), your beloved sensual R&B (Ciara’s “Body Party”), pop bangers (Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”), diva tributes (Beyoncé’s “Formation”), and even ad fodder, on his way to becoming one of rap’s most versatile soundmen. He scored his first-ever Hot 100 chart-topper by producing the viral sensation “Black Beatles” for Rae Sremmurd, the lead acts of his EarDrummers imprint. Mike WiLL returns with Ransom 2, debut album and sequel to a 2014 mixtape, and as expected, it comes with a few classic tracks featuring some of the games best artist. There’s not much to expect from this album but because it’s a Mike WiLL creation, it can’t help but thrill you.

Top 5 Songs

5. Nothing Is Promised ft Rihanna

I love the rapping-singing Rihanna personally. The beat was sweet on here. It says a lot that this song is in my Top 5 songs. especially. This song blessed the air waves way before Ransom 2 even was released. It shows that there were not many bangers on this project.

4. Emotion On Lock ft. Eearz

Yo!! This guy Eearz can really RAP! Love his flow too. I will for sure be looking in to him and see what other projects he’s put out or has in the works. Eearz is one of Mike WiLL’s EarDrummers artist. The future is bright for The 24 year old rapper hailing from the ATL.

3. Bars of Soap ft. Swae Lee

PSA: Swae Lee is one of the most versatile guys in the game right NOW! Swae Lee clearly is Mike WiLL’s greatest asset. He gives us a taste of the solo album he’s been teasing on “Bars of Soap,” a punchy departure from his usual animated fare. His flow on here is just so dam silly, I love it!

2. Perfect Pint ft. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd

On “Perfect Pint,” the SremmLife duo trade raps with Gucci and Kendrick Lamar, and the chemistry is a pleasant surprise. Like I was so surprised on how good they sounded together. They definitely have to team up again in the future.

1. Gucci On My ft. 21 Savage, YG and Migos

Okay, now this track f%@kin goes man! This is a personal favorite song and a song that should be on all your summer pool party playlist, pregame playlist etc. On here 21 savage and YG team up here and they mesh so well! YG verse might be my favorite part though, don’t judge:

[YG:] G’d up in that Gucci Boo’d up with your hoochie Shhhh Victoria Secret, I fucked her in that coochie

[Kamaiyah:] YG’s doin’ okay, YG’s got a maid YG gettin’ paid, YG’s skin clear, YG got the raise YG got the hoes, YG on the blade, YG with the shits

[YG:] Prolly hit your bitch in the Wraith ([21 Savage:] yeah, yeah) Fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up Pay me, walkthrough, fuck it up The FN, FN fuck ’em up Under my designer, tucked Boss bitch, boss bitch, boss bitch I need me, need a boss bitch One that take dick and talk shit No weave, I’d rather her bald head!

My brother and I love this song. It’s practically our anthem! 

Song Breakdown

  1. On the Come Up ft. Big Sean (3.5/5)
  2. W Y O (What You On) ft. Young Thug (4/5)
  3. Hasselhoff ft. Lil Yachty (3/5)
  4. Gucci On My ft. 21 Savage, YG and Migos (5/5)
  5. Oh Hi Hater (Hiatus) ft. Fortune (2/5)
  6. Perfect Pint ft. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd (5/5)
  7. Razzle Dazzle ft. Future (3.5/5)
  8. Bars of Soap ft. Swae Lee (5/5)
  9. Burnin’ Feat. Andrea (3.5/5)
  10. Y’all Ain’t Ready ft. 2 Chainz (3.75/5)
  11. Aries (YuGo) ft. Pharrell and Station Wagon P (4.3/5)
  12. Emotion On Lock ft. Eearz(5/5)
  13. Big God ft. Trouble and Problem (2.5/5)
  14. Faith ft. Lil Wayne and Hoodybaby (3/5)
  15. Come Down ft. Chief Keef and Rae Sremmurd (3.75/5)
  16. Outro (N/A)
  17. Nothing Is Promised ft  Rihanna (4.5/5)

Ransom 2 isn’t much different than Ransom. Ransom 2 definitely features much bigger artist The bigger names showcase a quick flip through Mike WiLL’s contact list: Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Migos, YG, and more. He also included members of his EarDrummers team: Rae Sremmurd, Eearz, Andrea, Fortune, with producers Pluss, Resource, and Marz. On this project I felt there were some great highlights but certain artist ruined great beats leading to a lot of  “so so” and trash tracks. Basically there are a lot of skippable tracks which break my heart. Mike WiLL has enough clout that he can cash in favors at anytime honestly to collect those one off and extra session extras that make these kind of albums. Sometimes though they feel like discarded piles of a more prominent releases. Unfortunately, the performances on Ransom 2 are so dynamic that songs don’t even feel like blips in the massive catalogs of constantly-active MCs like Future, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug. With Young Thug on “W Y O (What You On),” he continues his trial runs with new flows, chattering through the first verse before ripping through the second in bursts. If anything, these tracks just feel like recaps for recent breakouts. On “Perfect Pint,” the SremmLife duo paired up with Gucci and Kendrick Lamar, and the chemistry was a pleasant surprise. “Razzle Dazzle” with Future was cool showing he is still in form. “Perfect Pint,” “Bars of Soap,” were the hardest tracks in my opinion but it’s Eearz who made the greatest impression with “Emotions On Lock.”


So as I conclude, its safe to say “Ransom 2” didn’t get the most from its guest but there are some tracks that standout! Well like 5-8… out of 17. I was not expecting this. You look at the tracklist and immediately you think this project could be great. But man….(SMH). Lil Yachty’s ode to a Baywatcher, “Hasselhoff,” wanders from the sweet delights that made him so popular , and so happened to play to his strengths, opting instead for a straight-faced bar fest and he failed miserably here. I’ve heard him on other tracks trying to spit bars and they went way harder than this. Also,  Trouble and Problem’s tag-team effort, “Big God,” was terrible. I have no idea how it got on this project. But hey it’s a better track than “Oh Hi Hater (Hiatus).” Big Sean also disappointed me some on “On The Come Up.” But It just missed my top 5 but I would like to give a shout out to Pharell killing it on “Aries (Yugo).” Even though there were plenty of misfires and shitty verses, there were some bright spots. This album is a good listen but it won’t stay in your rotation for too long. But if there are any songs on here that’ll get daily plays from you, It’ll be my top 5 choices and “Aries (Yugo).” Thanks for reading!

Rating: 6.9/10