NEW MUSIC ALERT: Ugly God – F**k Ugly God


I LOVE THIS SONG BECAUSE I AGREE WITH IT!! I hate this Ugly God kid. Ugly God decided to make a diss track about himself and I am very unsure why? I feel like he just wanted to address his haters and doubters but did so by dissing himself and saying what he’s heard his haters say. Its strange but pretty interesting in a way. I do not care for Ugly God or his music but maybe y’all may like this….


Rating: 3.5/5





So this song is pretty much an instrumental, a real soothing one at that. MADEINTYO doesn’t start spitting till the final three minutes. Once Mr. Tokyo starts rapping though…. he kills it!  He switches his flow up and sounds a little bit like a Migo but it’s all good because he delivers pure fire over this super soothing beat. Well Done Mr. Tokyo.

Rating: 5/5 

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Sauce Walka – Hop In The Lamb Ft. Offset


Where did Sauce Walka get the 80K to pay for this feature? Regardless it was a great investment! Offset continues to show and prove that he’s just as much as a star as Quavo. This song displays Offsets ability to harmonize and create a catchy hook (something he already does excellent to me) and he raps well on here too. Sauce Walka sucks…. Good  thing Offset is on here to carry the weight between the two and the production team did a great job too.

Rating: 4.2/5 

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Desiigner – Liife Ft. Gucci Mane


BANGER ALERT!!!! Holy shit…… Desiigner’s hook on here is amazing man. Glad Desiigner is dismissing all his haters effortlessly. Gucci flexes so hard on here man. We got that agressive Gucci with this arrogance that we all love to hear on tracks! But man who would have thought that Gucci Mane and Desiigner would sound so good together on a track!? I would not mind more collabs  between the two in the near future!

Rating: 5/5

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Fabolous – Stacks Up Ft. PnB Rock

“NICE!” *Fabolous Voice*

Soon as I heard PnB come in with this fast tempo hook  I knew this was going to be a tough track! Loso is known for featuring the R&B up and comers on tracks and he does just that with PnB Rock. PnB rock definitely has next, so this feature definitely makes sense to me. Like i said PnB on the hook is amazing and he delivers well on his verse too! Fab didn’t have to do too much on here honestly. He dropped a nice little verse and let PnB be the star. This is a GREAT song and I expect to hear this often this summer. I wonder if Fab is working on dropping something for us this summer. I know I’d really appreciate it! Bus I hear that “Freddy vs Jason” collab album with Jadakiss releases on Halloween!? Can’t wait man. 

Rating: 4.75/5

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Meek Mill – YBA Ft. The-Dream

Man LISTEN! Meek decided to stop rapping about dam Roley’s and probably gave us one of his best tracks to date since his “apparent” fall off ( but he did fall off). This is a really powerful track content wise and its for the culture. Meek tells a story on this song man, a REAL story that leaves you in awe. The-Dream feature on here is nice but doesnt BOOST the song much. But I  want to thank him and Meek Mill for addressing the black unification issues we face today. Great stuff. 


Rating: 5/5 

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Royce Da 5’9 – Chopping Block (Ft. Slaughterhouse) 


Ayo Joe Budden man……I’m rocking with you! Slaughterhouse would WAX the F** out of TDE in a cypher. NO DEBATE. So many of us forget how good of a rapper Royce Da 5’9 and we the people that are aware, forgive y’all. Royce brings us “Chopping Block” featuring his Slaughterhouse crew that consists of Crooked I aka King Crooked , Joel Ortiz and Joe Budden.

Slaughterhouse as a whole bodied the hell out of this track man. It’s awesome how each character on Slaughterhouse has a unique style when they rap but on here their tones are all the same and their styles mesh in perfectly. I think Royce released “BAR EXAM 4.” I will be checking that out and reviewing it soon. (hopefully….I’m already behind)


Rating: 4.75/5