Gucci Mane “DropTopWop” Review

Since Gucci was released from prison May 26th, he got right to work with his first jail-post single “First Day Out The Feds.” This track was nothing short of SPECTACULAR EITHER.  From here he went on to release three commercial SUCCESSFUL albums,  Everybody Looking, Woptober and The Return of East Atlanta Santa. During this time he  scored his first Billboard Hot 100 No.1 single with “Black Beatles” alongside Rae Sremmurd. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of his prison release in style,  he collaborates with one of the best Trap Producers in Metro Boomin to bring us DropTopWop, about a month ago (May 26). This project features tracks with Offset, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Young Dolph. The fact that it took Gucci and Metro two days to make this is mind blowing.

Top 5 Songs


Really dope track that featured some diversity on each artist’s verse. 2 Chainz in a very animated sound raps about his trap resume as Young Dolph was very nonchalent in his delievry on why he should be looked up to and highlight his street movements. These two complimented Guwop nicely on here. 


On here Gucci comes across cool and calm, well relatively mellow. Then his mood and the tone in his voice gets amplified as he talks about what it takes to get this girl, from my understanding, to join the DARK SIDE. For me the lyrics were okay but i loved  the concept of the song. 




This was Gucci’s best lyrical track on here. I love his delivery on this track too! This is a most play in the clubs today. Right? If not it should be!


This track is dumb hype. You have Offset ad libbing heavy and providing that similar flow/feel ‘Bad & Boujee’. Offset made sure he put his best forward since he was teaming up with the OG Gucci Mane. This is a very good collaboration and the production….. yeah you get it.


1. 5 Million Intro (3.7/5)

2. Tho (3.8/5)

3. Hurt a N***a Feelings (4.5/5)

4. Helpless (4.5/5)

5. Met Gala ft. Offset (5/5)

6. Finesse the Plug (Interlude) (3.5/5)

7. Dance with the Devil (4/5)

8. Both Eyes Closed ft. 2 Chainz & Young Dolph (4/5)

9. Bucket List (3.5/5)

10. Loss 4 Wrdz ft. Rick Ross (4/5)

“DropTopWop” opens up with “5 million Intro” where Gucci is on here super flamboyant rapping about not having time for the bullshit. The chorus and lyrics here sound good here. Its a decent intro track. Up next is “Tho Freestyle,” where Gucci addresses the cloning rumors due to his change in appearance after jail. The fact people really thought this man was clowned was the dumbest shit ever. Y’all really have to create some bullshit when others change their life for better huh?! Well its all good because Gucci is so hip. On the next track “Hurt A N***a Feelings,”  we here them infamous Gucci lyrics on how he shits on his doubters by flexing his wealth on them at the club. Talk your shit Gucci! “Helpless” was a very interesting track for me because when i first heard it i was not digging it what so ever but it’s grown. It obviously grew on me enough to be my second favorite song on here. The following track “Met Gala” might have been the best produced track on here. Shout out to Metro Boom in and Southside! This track features Offset and on here he and Gucci sound fantastic. Is Offset the best Migo? 🤔 An interesting collaboration was Gucci teaming up with 2 Chainz and Young Dolph on the track “Both Eyes Closed,” making clever references to Cartier designs and living recklessly with the items their success bought them. The closing track “Lost 4 Wrdz,” features my guy Ricky Rozay and this track actually is really dope for the fact it exemplifies various side effects from trending drugs such as marijuana or lean.

Conclusion and Rating

This was not that revolutionary project that is supposed to shake the game up nor was Gucci Mane attempting to speaking the “truth” to the masses and force a view point that the world must see. I was definitely hoping for more on a project which is produced by the hottest producer in the game with a legend and act we all love in Gucci but it just wasn’t what I expected it to be. But don’t get me wrong! Gucci Mane and Metro Boomin’, and the projects features made something fun together and that’s all that is needed to make good music. 


Rating: 7.75/10



Vic Mensa “The Manuscript” EP Review

HE’S BAAAAAAACCKKKKK!! Vic Mensa brings us “The Manuscript” to follow up on one of last year’s best projects in my opinion, “There’s Alot Going On.”  This four track EP that he calls a “capsule,” features the likes of Pusha T and Mr. Hudson! (Yes that Mr. Hudson). On the production side we have production by  Pharrell, Malik Yusef, No I.D., and 1500. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Vic said that his new album will be out this summer and will feature Joey Purp, Malik Yusef, and more. I can’t wait!

Tracklist and Ratings 
1. Almost There (feat. Mr. Hudson) (4.75/5)
2. OMG (feat. Pharrell & Pusha T) (4.4/5)
3. Rolling Like A Stoner (4.25/5)
4. Rage (4.5/5)


So “The Manuscript is the latest in the evolution of Vic Mensa, showcasing both his growth and his frustration.  On “Almost There” Vic waste’s no time addressing his progression:

“This for all my fans that say they want the old Vic. I’ve grown too much to ever be the old Vic/I’m new and improved call me Vic 2.0, still making two points every time I move an O!”

“Almost There” was a real dope track and my personal favorite. Vic graces the track with his well known dope word play and heavy hitting lyrics. He also featured Mr. Hudson for the hook and that was definitely a good look. This would be a great intro on an album. I swear there’s two sides to Vic Mensa, like a Dr. Jekyll and Hyde and on “The Manuscript” it brings these two Vic’s together. On “OMG” an angered says  “Fuck Bill O’Reilly” trying to not completely lose his cool. (BUT F BILL O’REILLY FOR REAL) This track features Pusha T and Pharrell. Vic shows his confidence on this track and he’s complemented by King Push! Vic’s old Auto-Tune habits resurrect on the synth-heavy “Rollin’ Like A Stoner,”  and on the anthem like track finale “Rage.” Vic seems to have found middle ground now and its definitely something Vic fans should be content with.

Conclusion and Rating

At the mere age of 24, It seems as Vic Mensa has had somewhat of a lengthy career and has used many different sounds. Plenty of artist strive for the level of creativity that Vic poses. Vic’s wide range of styles and sounds sometimes have seen to be a distraction but with time he’s come along to just acknowledge listeners with a  “judge it as you may” mindset, with it being his music creations. Fans might be begging for the “old Vic,” but this new Vic they’ll definitely settle for.

Rating: 9.3/10

Buddy x Kaytranada “Ocean & Montana” Review

Compton’s very own Buddy & one of the hottest young producers in the game right now, Kaytranda, come together to create “Ocean & Montana” EP. Buddy is a young rapper with alot of upside and hes VERY DIFFERENT. He comes from Compton but isn’t a street guy like YG or a restless intellectual like Kendrick Lamar. Buddy grew up in performing-arts schools, was a former child actor who spent a lot of time onstage and in musicals. He’s also a church kid. The never aging legend we all love, Pharrell, discovered him while Buddy was still in high school. Five years ago, Buddy and Pharrell teamed up for “Awesome Awesome.” This was obviously produced by Pharell, and incorprated that amazing scrape-clank Neptunes sound.In 2014, Buddy released Idle Time, an EP that featured appearances from Cali rap peers like Kendrick, Casey Veggies, and Freddie Gibbs but also from actual pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. The thing with Buddy is that he’s always been a perfectly fine rapper but this team up Kaytranada elevated him. Kaytranada has produced a lot of tracks for a lot of rappers: Mobb Deep, Freddie Gibbs, Mick Jenkins, Talib Kweli, GoldLink, Chance The Rapper. But Kaytranada’s never been a rap producer. He’s seen as a “House” producer who is able to incorporate house, rap, jazz and R&B to create his sounds. I was super intrigued when i did my quick google search on who Buddy was. The fact he was teaming up with Kaytranada i knew we were in for a real treat.

Top 5 Songs


Buddy’s aggressive and fast rhymes here shows that he shouldn’t be taken lightly. The beat here is really unique and different from other songs on here but I love it. Buddy did his thing but Kaytranada FINESSED THE BEAT. But um can we get a Big K.R.I.T remix to this song? This beat sounded like something he would be spittin on. That could be legendary.

4. A LITE 

 THIS IS THAT PURE WEST COAST RAP SOUND. On here Buddy raps about being at this dope party but is having a small issue, that he can’t find a lighter for his blunt!!!!! (I don’t smoke but I know y’all smokers can relate) I love how this sounds. I love doing my little fake west coact dance to this!


Man Kaytranada and Buddy’s influence from Pharrell is shown here. This sounded very Neptunish to me. Pharrell and The Neptunes could agree. Buddy’s guirky flow on here is dope and this track as whole just makes you want to get up and dance! Very Dope Track!


This song follows that island/afrobeat sound we are hearing a lot of these days. Personally I love it being Ghanaian and all! On here Buddy raps about his “Wonder Woman” and wanting her to take him into “her world of wonders” and wanting to get know her more. I love the lyrics on here too, especially verse two.

“Uh oh
All the single ladies feeling like Beyoncé
Let me hear you say, (uh oh)
I prayed for someone like you all my life like K-Ci and JoJo
We drinking on gin and wine, baby, tell me, is it any room in those jeans?
‘Cause you could be my breakfast
You could be my lunch, my dinner, you know eat it, ooh”

I LOVE IT! Flame ON!


I was really feeling this song and I thought it was well suited as the first track on this project. On it, Buddy raps about digging deep into trying to find himself. He explains how, why, and when he became “lost and alone.” Love how sounds on here. This beat was one of my favorites after “World of Wonders!”

Tracklist and Ratings

1. Find Me (5/5)

2. Guillotine (4.5/5)

3.World of Wonders (5/5)

4. A Lite (4.5/5

5. Love Or Something (4.7/5)

This project is really good y’all! This was just a 5 track EP but I loved what I heard on here. Buddy is really versatile and that is going to be major as he continues to grow as an artist in the industry. We heard him on some R&B vibes, some island/afro beat vibes, and West Coast vibes and he sounded authentic with every style switch up. Kaytranada’s contributions shouldn’t go unnoticed on here either! His ability to create all these different sounds is super impressive. Personally I believe he is one of the best producers out now, young or old. Some may not agree but stop sleeping. I really wished this was a longer project!!

Conclusion and Rating 

There are so many different ways to rap these days and so many different sounds. One of the hardest rap styles is where the artist can evoke a mood in a way the rapper’s voice seems to float and compliment a beats sound. Buddy is that kind of rapper and that’s just one of his many styles honestly. He is that versatile. Buddy put out music in the past but could not quite breakthrough. Kaytranada helped elevate him as much as Buddy helped elevate Kay. The future is bright for Buddy and Kaytranada and best believe I AM HERE FOR IT. I hope to hear more collabs from these two. I’d actually love to hear these two and a GoldLink, but that may just be me.  I highly recommend you guys check this project out. Thanks for reading!

 Rating: 9.5/10

Young M.A “#HerStory” Album Review


Finally, Young MA gives us a project!! As some already know I am a huge fan of Young M.A. After she dropped “OOOUU,” she continued releasing a few YouTube freestyle videos and they were all very dope but I started to wonder if she was going to be putting out a project soon because to me M.A is too talented to be a one hit wonder. When she released “Hot Sauce” I KNEW she was here to stay and was ready to make some real noise. This “#HerStory” EP dropped at a great time. Personally I felt this EP needed to be put out to solidify her as more than a one hit wonder.

My Top 5 Songs


Real dope track that references between Young M.A and her girlfriend? I think. Her name isn’t Bonnie but its referring to them being the new day “Bonnie and Clyde.” It’s funny because on here you can feel M.A’s emotions as she’s spitting. (She is sprung lol)


THIS TRACK SCREAMS NEW YORK. This probably is M.A best song rap wise when looking at her flow, topic matter and the passion she’s rapping with. Also, M.A sings a little bit on here which I thought was cool.


 I love this song for the beat but M.A spits kinda hard on here. Nothing too crazy but its her flow on here that’s lit. She raps about how she rides with her same crew and all that loyal talk that comes with a good group of ride or dies.


You call her Stephanie ? AND TILL THIS DAY WE ARE STILL CALLING HER HEADPHANIE!!! Man this song is still hot even after a year later. Like what can I say? Beat is hard! The Bars were present and Young M.A gave us a taste of her whole swag and what she’s all about. I wonder if this song will ever get old.


I love this dam song! I personally think its better than “OOOUUU.” It does feel the same vibe wise, but the beat hits way  harder. That beat drop after each bar also gives this song that additional fire to it. Showtyme is a genius for what he did on this track, production wise. Young M.A. keep making tracks like this every now and then PLEASE!

Song Breakdown

  1. M.A. INTRO (5/5)
  2. HOT SAUCE (5/5)
  3. JOOTD (2/5)
  4. SELF MADE (4/5)
  5. BONNIE (4/5)
  6. SAME SET (4/5)
  7. OOOUUU (5/5)

The name of this EP says it all. This project explores the life an aspect where no one else but her could reveal.  On the “M.A Intro,” she raps about what she represents, her outlook on life and what we all like to hear, where she came from and the growth she made in her career. She addresses alot in two minutes and it seemed so effortless! Young M.A continues to expand on her common theme on tracks like “Self Made,” “Same Set,” and “Hot Sauce.” All had an authentic sound that only the Twenty five year old, brooklyn rapper could generate. Each track flowed into each other perfectly, it`s clear she did this on purpose to demonstrate a timeline of events that occurred in her life. Also on this EP, M.A covers a little bit of her love life on “Bonnie” and “Jootd,” which features Monica. Yes Monica!

Conclusion and Rating

“#HerStory” EP was solid first project by Young M.A.  In my opinion I saw “Hot Sauce” to be the most outstanding track on the EP. It was produced by Showtyme and he really did a good job in envisioning how  Young M.A  would utilize the beat. That track is flawless.  My least favorite would have to be “ JOOTD.” I didn’t like how it sounded but also it simply didn’t seem to fit in with the EP. Young M.A’s  “#Herstory” is definitely a project worth checking out. I wouldn’t call it gold but its a good FIRST PROJECT.  It’ll definitely keep you interested in Young M.A. and looking out and monitoring her growth from here.


Drake “More Life” Album Review


So I am pretty late with this review but its better now than never. Drake gives us “More Life” with “More Life.” I say this because Drake really gave us a 22 track project! Personally I liked the projects length, but due to its length some assumed it’d be another “Views” and it’d be split down the middle with Hot and throw away tracks. (Views wasn’t trash though so….) Speaking of “Views,” isn’t an album that will receive the classic badge of honor, but it did solidify Drake’s position as one of the biggest recording artists in the world. The man broke all the records and topped all the charts and proved that in both hip-hop and pop only a few are standing on the same mountain top as the boy Aubrey. (I’ll never get over his name being Aubrey) Anyways, what I expected on “More Life” was a whole bunch of features and a nice blend of all of our different versions of Drake. But I saw it mainly as a blend of the best of “If You’re Reading This” and “Views” and turning it into one big playlist project. Let’s Dive In Shall We?

Top 5 Songs

5. “4422”

When I heard Lil Wayne talking in the background at the end of “Blem” I was like oh shit what’s next a Weezy x Drizzy track?! BUT NO! IT WAS FREAKIN SAMPHA! AND AS EXPECTED, HE DID HIS THING.. It seems a bit weird that I have a song on Drake’s project in my top 5 but it is part of “More Life.” It was a nice surprise to hear Sampha on another Drake project. Maybe they have some songs stashed together we’ll hear in the future? (Oh and if you haven’t peeped Sampha’s “Process” Album, go do that.)


This man Drake came in on this track so dam smooth. But I didn’t catch this interesting message till like two weeks ago. Check it out:

“Wrote this shit, January 21.
Baby girl, I had to run, I be back a couple months.
Kendall turned 21, was up the street with 21.
They could see me online but they won’t see me on the ones.
I got Dubai plates, in a California state.
I got her waitin’ at my place, I got no baby on the way.”

Is Drake referring to the Pornstar that swore she was having Drizzy’s kid? (LOL I was very shook) I loved how smooth everyone raped on this track. To me it sounded as Drake adapted 21 savages flow here. The song has a good hook, followed by a good 2 Chainz verse. But man, oh man did Young Thug smash his verse. ( ALSO THIS IS THE CLEAREST HE HAS EVER SOUNDED!!! )

3. “GLOW”

I NEED THE DRAKE AND KANYE JOINT ALBUM.  We got a flashback of  “Old Kanye” on here man and it brought tears of joy to my eyes.  The sound of his voice is different than the Kanye I heard on The Life of Pablo. It was incredible. Also we got some pretty good rapping too from him. I loved it especially when he and Drake were going back and forth. Also the switch up to close out the track is GOLD.


I. LOVE.WHEN. DRAKE.RAPS.LIKE.THIS. I just want to say this the Drake that made me a fan. He’s really spittin ‘ on here too, talk that talk Drizzy. This is a great way to end an outro track.


Okay I wish I still played the flute man and took that ish serious because the flutes being incorporated in trap songs are the best songs!! (Ex: “Mask Off” x Future) I believe Drake writes most of his stuff but does have a little OVO Sweatshop of Ghost Writers. If this is true, those sweatshop workers need a raise because whether it was Drake or them that wrote this verse and created this flow is genius because Drake did the damn thing on here! Quavo and Travis though man, hell of a combination. These three created GOLD here and this is a song that’ll never get old.

*It was very hard to pick just 5 songs…..*

Song Breakdown

1.FREE SMOKE (5/5)

2. NO LONG TALK (4.75/5)


4. JORJA INTERLUDE (4.75/5),

5. GET IT TOGETHER (4.75/5)


7. BLEM (5/5)

8. 4422 (5/5)



11. PORTLAND (5/5)

12. SACRIFICES (5/5)


14. TEENAGE FEVER (4.25/5)

15. KMT (4.75/5)

16. LOSE YOU (5/5)


18. GLOW (5/5)

19. SINCE WAY BACK (3.8/5)

20. FAKE LOVE (4/5)

21. ICE MELTS (4.25/5)

22. DO NOT DISTURB (5/5)

“More Life” is the total package and WE CAN NOT ACT LIKE IT WASN’T PEOPLE. This project was really good. I love the versatility Drake shows on here. I think my favorite Drake is when he is rapping! But I don’t mind singing Drake, the Caribbean Drake or UK Grime rapper Drake. Drake called this project a playlist for reason but the fantastic blend and sound quality makes me dumb this a dam album, as we should.

The project starts of with a f@%ckin BANG with “Free Smoke.” He goes in here and talks Jay-Z, Meek and addresses Ghost Writing! Drake unloaded the clip and set the tone I thought. But then you realize this is a playlists. So the next track is “No Long Talk” featuring Giggs. Giggs is also featured on “KMT.” Both tracks have that same aggressive high energy and on “No Long Talk” we get the British Grime Rapper Drake and its not bad of a track. On here Giggs has a cool flow, his voice is kinda annoying, but the aggression is there. Not bad by Giggs. But since we’re talking Giggs I must address “KMT.” “KMT” is ABSOLUTE FIRE. I DO NOT CARE IF DRAKE STOLE XXXTENCIAON FLOW, HE DID IT BETTER THAN HIM. OH, AND THAT BOY GIGGS?! Yeah, his verse was f%@kin trash. BUT, Its how he made it sound and the tone of his voice what makes it hot. On those tracks we saw Drake experimenting with two different flows and I felt that it worked out.

Of course “More Life” incorporated Singing Drake. Whether it was traditional singing Drake or Drake singing over afrobeats, it all sounded amazing. This is displayed from tracks two through seven with “Passionfruit,” “Jorja Interlude,” “Get It Together,” “Madiba Riddim,” and the instant sing along “Blem.”

“PassionFruit”  is the most Drake-esque title we’ve seen since “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” It provided “Tropical vibes” and was a complete switch up from the opening trap-driven, rap records. Passion Fruit is like a mature version of”One Dance.”Jorja Interlude” was an interesting track. Wasn’t really singing track but it was light rapping and this MAN SAMPLED HIS OWN TRACK AT THE END. (I Screamed When I Caught On To That) So at first I was like who is Jorja? Then I remembered anytime Drake has an interlude named after a woman it’s an instant classic. (Ex: Bria’s Interlude) It was a dope interlude an great way to lead into “Get it Together” which features Jorja Smith and Black Coffee. I wonder if Jorja is a new OVO artist. She got an interlude names after her. But anyways as we continue on we stumble across an absolute banger of a track “Madiba Riddim.” This track is literally controlla and one dance on the juice. This track has a great melody and its warm sounding. The lyrics though really speak to you too. does this song get radio play? I feel like it should.  The Caribbean Drake sticks around for “Blem,” a very upbeat sing along track. I love this. The whole idea of this project being a playlists hits right after this song.  As “Blem” ends, Lil Wayne appears! You hear the lighter flick and everything. Wayne starts speaking and says, “Good morning, good afternoon, good night! I’m here to talk about (More Life) One second .” This transitions into “4422” and it’s not Drake on here it’s Sampha. Wayne teases the hell out of us but it’s okay because Sampha’s vocals did the justice.

From  “Gyalchester”, “Skepta Interlude,” “Portland,” “Sacrifices,” “Nothings Into Somethings,” “Lose You,” and “Cant Have Everything we got ALOT OF RAPPING . “Gyalchester” had its own personality. Those drums and baselines were ridiculous and Drake sounded great over them. He also aid he doesn’t take naps? I call bullshit. This leads into “Skepta Interlude” where we have a very aggressive rhyming Skepta  killing his verse over a hard hitting horns and drums instrumental. With Sampha and Skepta getting their own tracks and they all having their own sounds kind of helps us understand why Drake calls this a “playlist.” The following tracks “Portland” and “Sacrifices”  were LOADED with features. “Portland” featured Quavo and Travis Scott and “Sacrifices” featured 2 Chainz and Young Thug. “Teenage Fever,” “Since Way Back,” “Fake Love,” and “Ice Melts” were all cool songs but some of my least favorites. Drake and Young Thug sounded good together on Ice Melts and now Drake is producing Young Thug’s singing album? (They might as well just do a joint project)

I want to take the to take this time to discuss “Glow” and “Do Not Disturb”. “Glow” really impressed me. Drake and Ye sound good together and  I NEED THE DAM COLAB ALBUM LIKE ASAP. Kanye sounds like Graduation Kanye and I love it. Makes me wonder if Ye is going back to his original style and delivery. Regardless I’ll love the artist that is Kanye and I know he had something to do with the awesome production on here. The back and forth between him and Drake was too dope. I listen to this track at least 3x every morning before work. We need more Drake and Kanye people.

“Do Not Disturb” was the closing track on here and all II can say is WOW. Drake rapping over vocal samples might have to get the same treatment as when Ross does it, this track was that good. The instrumental here samples the vocals of Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra.  This outro track kind of picks up from where “Lose You” left off. On here, Drake raps about everything that happened to Drake since the release of “Views.” Drake also jumps from topic to topic here too, from his rap feuds (Tory Lanez) to maintaining romantic relationships. The last few bars went like this:

“My life is set around competition and currency.
Takin’ summer off, ’cause they tell me I need recovery.
Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me.
I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary.
More Life”

What a way to close  out!

Conclusion and Rating

I’ll just get to the point. “More Life” was a fantastic project that gave us all the various forms of Drake. It showed all of his influences  from London to Toronto, Atlanta’s Trap to Africa’s Afrobeat and it took a playlist for him to give all the sounds he loves a safe home. If “Views” were like this it possibly would have beat out chance for album of the year on my “Top 50 Albums of 2016.” I did wish there were more features on here since it was a “playlist” and a Wayne verse would have been nice. I love Drake for giving us something that’ll last us until his next project but with his competition stepping their games up will Drake be forced to give us something this fall/winter? We’ll see. But uh…..”More Chune For Your Head Top, So Watch How You Speak On My Name You Know?”  (LOL) Thanks for reading guys. 

Rating: 9.5/10🔥

*Some Of Y’all Will Say This Got Too Much Love But You’ll Understand With Time.*

Blackbear “Digital Druglord” Album Review


So I had no idea who Blackbear was. What attracted me to even check out this project was simply the title and the album cover art. I mean “Digital Druglord?” Prescription Drugs covering a woman’s bare chest? Yeah all that seemed so interesting to me. But what I didn’t know was that I knew who Blackbear was the whole time. Well at least I knew of some of his work. Matthew Musto, Blackbear, is a hip hop recording artist, singer, songwriter and record producer. Blackbear is best known for his rap and R&B-oriented music. He has collabed with the likes of Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Mike Posner, James Blake, Maejor Ali, Palisades, Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, Rivers Cuomo, Childish Gambino, Pharrell Williams, and Linkin Park. He actually co-wrote Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida Blackbear’s career began in 2012 but really started generating some buzz last year from EP’s that he released that never disappointed his fans and brought in new ones. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into with this project but I was optimistic and ready for whatever.

Top 5 Songs re mi

4. moodz ft. 24hrs

3.wish u the best

2.if i could i would feel nothing

1. chateau

I’d usually give a short breakdown here but instead I wanted to say why I chose these 5 songs. Each song is essentially different in styles and sound. This shows off Blackbear’s versatility. Versatility in today’s industry is a MAJOR KEY if you don’t want to be the guy that is washed after a few years….( I won’t name drop but y’all can as you read) Also I love the production on these five tracks the most, especially “chateau”

Song Breakdown

  1. hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone (4.25/5)
  2. moodz ft. 24hrs (4.5/5)
  3. i miss the old u  (4/5)
  4. do re mi (4.25/5)
  5. wish u the best (5/5)
  6. juicy sweatsuits ft. Juicy J(4/5)
  7. double(4/5)
  8. if i could i would feel  (5/5)
  9. chateau(5/5)
  10. make daddy proud(3.75/5)

Blackbear has been working! “Digital Druglord” is Blackbear’s third project in the first four months of the year, the other two being his solo EP Salt and Mansionz, the self-titled debut album from Musto and Mike Posner as a hip-hop duo. “Digital Druglord” starts out real slow with the opening track, ” hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone.” So this track follows his common trend on previous work creating angsty trap ballads. Here Blackbear  shows off his vocal abilities. This was definitely another notable song, with lyrics like, “My mom’s unhappy/With all the choices I been making with my life/I don’t even fucking care though/I’m probably going to die/Like everyone else.” The music content may not be for everyone but believe me when I say this, the level of care and attention that is given to the production on Digital Druglord is noticeable and makes the album worth listening to. “moodz” is a real moody track. (HA!) 24hrs verse fits really well on this song. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two paired up again in the near future. The next two tracks “i miss the old u” and “do re mi,”  follow that predictable formula for “edgy” urban pop but I love Blackbear’s sound and singing ability so it makes for solid tracks. I did like “do re mi” more though! Extremely catchy. The next track “wish u the best,” is probably the best representation of the album as a whole. It is also a very enjoyable cut on its own. You gotta love the incorporation of an enjoyable R&B beat into its melody. The album has a forgettable feature from Juicy J on “juicy sweatsuits” but of course Blackbear shines with his vocals and hook. At this point i was really feeling this project, then “Double” happened. The tempo starts to slowdown here but there’s no major drop-offs here with the vibes previously felt before this track. “if i could i would feel” was another standout on “Digital Druglord.” This song has that R&B sound that we all love. He sounds really good on hear. Could be joust be me, but I think I’m right on the money here to say that Blackbear is gifted. Now we have arrived my NEW FAVORITE SONG OF THIS YEAR. “Chateau” was made for the clubs or ragers. The song has some of the strongest production on the album, mixing a crisp beat with reverberating vocals to create a track with a completely different vibe than the rest of the album. This is my track for the summer y’all can have everything else out there! The closing track “make daddy proud” is a pop track that is radio ready. It has a catchy bridge of “how do you cope with it/ how do you sleep with yourself at night,” a question he seems to be directing both at himself and the listener.


Some compare Blackbear to G-Eazy. So if you are a fan of G-Eazy you’ll enjoy this project. I personally don’t really agree without but whatever. When I stumbled across “Digital Druglord” I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn’t even know who Blackbear was. It was eagerness to listen to all types of music and different artists that even made me consider it. This project does a really good job with production. As a whole project I had no issue on any of the tracks. The album does a great job generating a catchy and particular beats that sways with its melodies nicely. He’s not really a rapper but he has a rapping and an R&B-oriented style which I love. His vocals sound great all the types of beats experimented on this project. I must say this though, his song content sometimes was on the borderline-dark side and could be some what of a turnoff, “Digital Druglord is a beautifully produced project by a young talented artist, in which I am now a huge fan of , that is worth a listen. I wish there were more tracks though!!!



Mike WiLL Made It “Ransom 2” Album Review


So as Metro Boomin has become trap music’s workhorse, Mike WiLL Made-It, has expanded his repertoire with radical pivots, zany psychedelic trips and unfortunately “chick” pop. Mike WiLL has come a long way since I first heard him on Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back.” He finds himself producing on everything in today’s industry. From spacey trap ballads (Future’s “Turn On the Lights”), to the strip club anthems (“Bandz a Make Her Dance”), your beloved sensual R&B (Ciara’s “Body Party”), pop bangers (Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”), diva tributes (Beyoncé’s “Formation”), and even ad fodder, on his way to becoming one of rap’s most versatile soundmen. He scored his first-ever Hot 100 chart-topper by producing the viral sensation “Black Beatles” for Rae Sremmurd, the lead acts of his EarDrummers imprint. Mike WiLL returns with Ransom 2, debut album and sequel to a 2014 mixtape, and as expected, it comes with a few classic tracks featuring some of the games best artist. There’s not much to expect from this album but because it’s a Mike WiLL creation, it can’t help but thrill you.

Top 5 Songs

5. Nothing Is Promised ft Rihanna

I love the rapping-singing Rihanna personally. The beat was sweet on here. It says a lot that this song is in my Top 5 songs. especially. This song blessed the air waves way before Ransom 2 even was released. It shows that there were not many bangers on this project.

4. Emotion On Lock ft. Eearz

Yo!! This guy Eearz can really RAP! Love his flow too. I will for sure be looking in to him and see what other projects he’s put out or has in the works. Eearz is one of Mike WiLL’s EarDrummers artist. The future is bright for The 24 year old rapper hailing from the ATL.

3. Bars of Soap ft. Swae Lee

PSA: Swae Lee is one of the most versatile guys in the game right NOW! Swae Lee clearly is Mike WiLL’s greatest asset. He gives us a taste of the solo album he’s been teasing on “Bars of Soap,” a punchy departure from his usual animated fare. His flow on here is just so dam silly, I love it!

2. Perfect Pint ft. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd

On “Perfect Pint,” the SremmLife duo trade raps with Gucci and Kendrick Lamar, and the chemistry is a pleasant surprise. Like I was so surprised on how good they sounded together. They definitely have to team up again in the future.

1. Gucci On My ft. 21 Savage, YG and Migos

Okay, now this track f%@kin goes man! This is a personal favorite song and a song that should be on all your summer pool party playlist, pregame playlist etc. On here 21 savage and YG team up here and they mesh so well! YG verse might be my favorite part though, don’t judge:

[YG:] G’d up in that Gucci Boo’d up with your hoochie Shhhh Victoria Secret, I fucked her in that coochie

[Kamaiyah:] YG’s doin’ okay, YG’s got a maid YG gettin’ paid, YG’s skin clear, YG got the raise YG got the hoes, YG on the blade, YG with the shits

[YG:] Prolly hit your bitch in the Wraith ([21 Savage:] yeah, yeah) Fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up Pay me, walkthrough, fuck it up The FN, FN fuck ’em up Under my designer, tucked Boss bitch, boss bitch, boss bitch I need me, need a boss bitch One that take dick and talk shit No weave, I’d rather her bald head!

My brother and I love this song. It’s practically our anthem! 

Song Breakdown

  1. On the Come Up ft. Big Sean (3.5/5)
  2. W Y O (What You On) ft. Young Thug (4/5)
  3. Hasselhoff ft. Lil Yachty (3/5)
  4. Gucci On My ft. 21 Savage, YG and Migos (5/5)
  5. Oh Hi Hater (Hiatus) ft. Fortune (2/5)
  6. Perfect Pint ft. Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd (5/5)
  7. Razzle Dazzle ft. Future (3.5/5)
  8. Bars of Soap ft. Swae Lee (5/5)
  9. Burnin’ Feat. Andrea (3.5/5)
  10. Y’all Ain’t Ready ft. 2 Chainz (3.75/5)
  11. Aries (YuGo) ft. Pharrell and Station Wagon P (4.3/5)
  12. Emotion On Lock ft. Eearz(5/5)
  13. Big God ft. Trouble and Problem (2.5/5)
  14. Faith ft. Lil Wayne and Hoodybaby (3/5)
  15. Come Down ft. Chief Keef and Rae Sremmurd (3.75/5)
  16. Outro (N/A)
  17. Nothing Is Promised ft  Rihanna (4.5/5)

Ransom 2 isn’t much different than Ransom. Ransom 2 definitely features much bigger artist The bigger names showcase a quick flip through Mike WiLL’s contact list: Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Migos, YG, and more. He also included members of his EarDrummers team: Rae Sremmurd, Eearz, Andrea, Fortune, with producers Pluss, Resource, and Marz. On this project I felt there were some great highlights but certain artist ruined great beats leading to a lot of  “so so” and trash tracks. Basically there are a lot of skippable tracks which break my heart. Mike WiLL has enough clout that he can cash in favors at anytime honestly to collect those one off and extra session extras that make these kind of albums. Sometimes though they feel like discarded piles of a more prominent releases. Unfortunately, the performances on Ransom 2 are so dynamic that songs don’t even feel like blips in the massive catalogs of constantly-active MCs like Future, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug. With Young Thug on “W Y O (What You On),” he continues his trial runs with new flows, chattering through the first verse before ripping through the second in bursts. If anything, these tracks just feel like recaps for recent breakouts. On “Perfect Pint,” the SremmLife duo paired up with Gucci and Kendrick Lamar, and the chemistry was a pleasant surprise. “Razzle Dazzle” with Future was cool showing he is still in form. “Perfect Pint,” “Bars of Soap,” were the hardest tracks in my opinion but it’s Eearz who made the greatest impression with “Emotions On Lock.”


So as I conclude, its safe to say “Ransom 2” didn’t get the most from its guest but there are some tracks that standout! Well like 5-8… out of 17. I was not expecting this. You look at the tracklist and immediately you think this project could be great. But man….(SMH). Lil Yachty’s ode to a Baywatcher, “Hasselhoff,” wanders from the sweet delights that made him so popular , and so happened to play to his strengths, opting instead for a straight-faced bar fest and he failed miserably here. I’ve heard him on other tracks trying to spit bars and they went way harder than this. Also,  Trouble and Problem’s tag-team effort, “Big God,” was terrible. I have no idea how it got on this project. But hey it’s a better track than “Oh Hi Hater (Hiatus).” Big Sean also disappointed me some on “On The Come Up.” But It just missed my top 5 but I would like to give a shout out to Pharell killing it on “Aries (Yugo).” Even though there were plenty of misfires and shitty verses, there were some bright spots. This album is a good listen but it won’t stay in your rotation for too long. But if there are any songs on here that’ll get daily plays from you, It’ll be my top 5 choices and “Aries (Yugo).” Thanks for reading!

Rating: 6.9/10