A$AP Ferg “Still Striving” Album Review

A$AP Ferg is clearly a star. He has the swagger and charisma though to be a SUPERSTAR. Ferg gave us “Always Strive And Prosper” a year and a half ago and it was a project i definitely enjoyed but,  the reviews were up and down stating it was a set back from his debut “Trap Lord.” Still Striving is considered a commercial mixtape. All the songs are original music, plenty of big features, and posted across all the major streaming services, yet mixtape is the classification  many media outlets are going with. My biggest question that i had before listening to this was, Is “Still Striving,” with its big high-profile guest list, the project where Ferg takes that big step forward into becoming a superstar?! Lets dive in!


5. Trap And A Dream

Trap And A Dream was a perfect way to start this project off… Ferg teams up with Meek on here and they show the f*ck out man. Ferg’s flow is as good as anyone in the game today. He brought the aggressive bars on here and they hit hard! This may be the second time Meek has teamed up with Ferg and honestly, they sound perfect together! I think it has to do with both artist’s energy. It’s simply unmatched. The beat also was made for Meek as he talks his sh*t as usual. His as an intro track set the tone for me and it had myself super hyped to hear the rest of the album.

4. Rubber Band Man

Dipset x A$AP …… HARLEM’S FINEST TEAMED UP! So I’ll say this first, the beat is the strongest component of this track but that doesn’t mean Ferg and Killa did not do their thing. Ferg out shined Cam on here which is expected because it is his song. Cam did his thing his verse was a little lazy but it was still dope. He could have definitely came harder than he did but hey this track is iconic and means a lot to myself and Harlem World!

3. Olympian

Okay so Ferg took us to Harlem on “Rubber Band Man” featuring Killa Cam and we stay in Harlem with this Dave East feature! The bounce and tempo on here is something serious. Ferg has a great ear for beats, if you all didn’t know this already! Dave East goes crazy and puts the beat in a body bag and Ferg just straight unzips the bag and just unleashes on it again. The hook is is a slight kitchen fire but that plus these two spitting fire on here… yeah you get the picture. Oh and that Serena bar GEEKS!

2. Plain Jane

So i heard this song a few months back and its honestly still one of my favorite songs this year since being released! Ferg basically mimics “Slob on My Knob” with the chorus. But with his verses, he lights yet another fire. Ferg’s flow man….it’s really something else. The production on this track was A1 and one of my favorite sounds on the album. Nice hearing a song by Ferg with no features too.

1. Mattress (Remix)

Mattress…Mattress…Mattress…Mattress…Mattress…Mattress. Okay let me stop. This song embodies A$AP Mob’s classic sound. One of the reason’s this is my favorite track on here. The Ferg x Rocky back and forth on here brought back memories of  that dope freestyle they had years ago where they were going off the top and exchanging dope bars with humorous punchlines. They are quite the duo man. Like can we get a joint project? Sheesh.  They made the back and forth on here sound pretty competitive which was only right with this heavy ass beat! Famous Dex, Rich The Kid and Carti both did their thing on here. I know Carti runs with the mob and all but is Dex an affiliate too?? Love This Song!


1. Trap and a Dream feat. Meek Mill (4.6/5)

2. Rubber Band Man feat. Cam’ron (4.6/5)

3. Olympian feat. Dave East (4.75/5)

4. Aww Yeah feat. Lil Yachty (4/5)

5. What Do You Do feat. NAV(4/5)

6. Coach Cartier feat. Famous Dex (4/5)

7. Mad Man feat. Playboi Carti (4/5)

8. Plain Jane (5/5)

9. Nasty (Who Dat) feat. Migos (4.3/5)

10. Mattress (Remix) feat. Famous Dex, Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti, & A$AP Rocky (5/5)

11. One Night Savage feat. MadeinTYO (4/5)

12. East Coast (Remix) feat. Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, French Montana, Dave East, A$AP Rocky, & Busta Rhymes (4.4)

13. Nandos (4.3/5

14. Tango feat. Kanobby (3.7/5)

I won’t beat around the bush here. I’ll make this short and sweet. Ferg is a good f*cking rapper who has a GREAT ear for beats. The man really is talented and I think we should realize this by now. I had a SLIGHT issue with this project though. This was another project by him that’s feature heavy and not enough Ferg. On top of this being feature heavy, sometimes you forget, on some tracks, that this is a Ferg song/project and think it belongs to the featured artists. I think Ferg needs to showcase himself more so he can truly get the credit he deserves and be respected as a real rap stud. On some the features Ferg has that French Montana disease where it’s his song but he plays second fiddle. He’s too talented for that. But like I said, this is a slight issue to me. It just sounds like a big issue because I’m a huge Ferg fan. All the features are solid though and it shows that Ferg is respected among his peers and has some clout! As a fan I worry if these other people (rap critics and the “rap critics”) respect Ferg and see how talented he is. “Still Striving” is definitely a dub and it shows Ferg is headed in the right direction of Super stardom BUT for the next project I’m going to kind of need more of a Ferg showcase.

Rating: 8.4/10




I can not wait for Cozy Tapes 2. This track is way different than your usual sound from the Mob but at the same time they take this sound and own it like this has been theirs for years. It’s obvious that they are taking a step towards a new sound but hey I’ll be honest they are f*cking owning it! I saw on twitter that there were mixed feelings about this track. I love this track from the production to the members verses to Rocky’s interesting hook….. (LOL) 

BRING ON COZY TAPES 2 BABY!!!! Rest In Peace Yamz! 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Below is the MOB performing on The Tonight Show! It’s just like the video…

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Marshmello – Silence (Ft. Khalid)

This song is what you call the perfect pop jam that literally could come on at a bar, pregame, day drink etc and everyone would start singing along or pretend to sing along. Just heard this song literally 30 minutes ago and I love it! This song combines heartbreak with this relieved feeling and it’s very dope. Khalid has a unique sound but it sure as hell blends nicely with Marshmello’s production. 

Rating: 4.5/5

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Tay-K – 22 Shots


Tay-K is just another one of these trouble making teenagers that talks that hard sh*t about shooting sh*t and yeah. (LOL) Anyways, I heard of Tay-K when he was discussed on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” and how his songs are BOOMIN on Soundcloud. My take on “22 shots” is its an okay track, nothing spectacular here. It’s definitely getting added to my gym playlist. Oh and my big takeaway is this kid literally needs to get some baby powder for that itchy trigger finger. Tay-K really would shoot anything.

Rating: 3.9/5

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Gucci Mane – I Get The Bag (Ft. Migos)


GUCCI MANE IS THE HARDEST WORKING MAN ALIVE. NOT JUST IN MUSIC, BUT IN GENERAL. I’m becoming more and more convinced. He has owned life since he’s been released from prison. Today Gucci blesses our ears with “I Get The Bag” featuring  Migos  as the first single off his upcoming “Mr. Davis” album. None of the contributors on here disappoint…. Other then the dope production, each rapper delivers dope lyrics and amazing flow to create a masterpiece.

Rating: 5/5

Buddy – Type Of Sh*t (Ft. Wiz Khalifa)


Man this is one of the tracks that get released that just make me f*cking scream man! YO MIKE BUDDY TRYNA MAKE A REAL PUSH!!! (Mike is baby bro by the way and we love Buddy)

Man so one of my favorite projects this year was the short EP Buddy and Kaytranada put out. It was really dope and I got hip to Buddy’s talent from it whiles confirming what I think about Kaytranada’s talent. This song right here has me feeling some type of way right now at work. IM SO GROOOOOVY. Buddy raps confident on here whiles having so much fun doing so. Since this is a weed song how could he not have Wiz on here who complements Buddy so well! This track is nothing but flames and a must add to your “Turn Up”/ “Pregame” Playlist!

Rating: 5/5

NEW MUSIC ALERT: Wiz Khalifa – Something New (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)


MY OH MY! Am I tripping or does this track sample Zapp & Roger’s “Computer Love” ?! Maybe?  (Ayo Reubs I need a confirmation)

So Wiz has blessed us with a new single that may be on “Rolling Papers 2.” If not this is okay because one, this song is FIRE and two, “Rolling Papers 2” is on its way!!! This track has that R & B sound that I love and miss dearly. Wiz literally sounds great on everything man. His sound and style is just able to mesh well with many different sounds. (Reason 9,288,2738,329 why he is underrated) Then he has my guy Ty Dolla Sign on here and Ty can’t do no wrong man. He kills his verse and the chorus! If y’all haven’t heard this track yet stop wasting time please.

Rating: 5/5